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GO Wi-Fi sponsorship

IMA’s proprietary transit research on GO Transit commuters and their daily habits show that the GO demographic is a highly wired group, with 86% of GO customers using the internet for 1 - 5 hours a day and 68% using their mobile devices for 1 - 3 hours per day. The extensive GO Transit free passenger Wi-Fi system has 36 locations, and growing. across the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) and is in testing on GO buses, for a great GO customer experience. Wi-Fi coverage extends over platforms, interior station waiting areas, transit shelter and parking lots. You can literally put your message in the palm of the GO riders’ hands by taking advantage of the Wi-Fi sponsorship opportunity. Your logo will be presented on the Wi-Fi splash page, display your advertisement and/or video pre-roll and have a dedicated landing page of your choosing as the pre-cursor to web browsing. Exclusivity and full network access are available or perhaps you would like to target a particular region or demographic. You can extend your impact further by combining Wi-Fi sponsorship with station posters, station domination assets, on bus and on train opportunities.  

GO Wi-Fi


GO Transit: Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA)