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On GO Trains

Get your message on board the GO train network of over 600 passenger coaches, with seven lines that cover more than 11,000 square kilometres stretching from Hamilton and Kitchener-Waterloo in the west to Newcastle and Peterborough in the east and from Orangeville, Barrie and Beaverton in the north to Toronto and further to Niagara Falls in the south. Serving an annual ridership of over 68 million passengers, IMA provides you with exclusive access. Media assets on trains include interior posters strategically located on multiple levels of each and every coach for best line of sight and significant dwell times as passengers head into Toronto’s financial and entertainment districts and back home each night, across the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Interior halos are strategically placed between the entry and exit doors on each train perfectly positioned for commuter flow, at the front and rear of each car, and have an optimal sight line once passengers are seated. Window clings round out the experience, as passengers view the scenery on their journey. GO train media pair perfectly with IMA’s extensive CITYLITES poster and digital network. They can combine to give you the impact of IMA’s ONE Network, creating a seamless experience as commuters exit GO trains and head into Toronto’s downtown core, go about their day, and then return home.  

Train Interior Dominations

Train Interior Posters

Train Window Clings



GO Transit: Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA)