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Station Backlit Posters

IMA’s backlit GO Station posters (4’ x 6’ TSA’s) provide an unobtrusive and elegant means to deliver advertising for a high-quality user experience. Our backlits provide superior quality and brightness and are highly visible from a distance. Use these high-quality, professionally framed posters to achieve full-branding for your campaign. Distribution of advertising faces are based on individual station design and circulation and are strategically placed at high traffic and high dwell time entrance and exit points, tunnels and platforms. They are often adjacent to Presto machines, ticketing booths, and GO information boards, providing high visibility. They also ensure targeting of commuters whether by passenger drop-off, at multi-storey car parks and in tunnels and on station platforms. Providing tremendous versatility and value to advertisers, IMA’s GO network backlit posters can be chosen on an individual station basis to meet hyper-local needs, can be regional or based on other sub-segments and demographic/psychographic targeting, be combined with train or bus media, or be part of a station domination. The GO posters are also a perfect complement to IMA’s extensive CITYLITES poster and digital network. They can combine to give you the impact of IMA’s ONE Network, creating a seamless experience as commuters head into Toronto’s downtown core, go about their day, and return home.  

Go Station Backlit Posters



GO Transit: Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA)