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Large + Local

One size does not fit all! And that’s why we have plenty of Out-of-Home options that integrate perfectly with national or regional campaigns, and solutions that get you right into the heart of a local community. When we talk large, we mean both big in size and geographic coverage. Our 16’ high x 60’ wide Montreal superboard is mega sized. Our video walls in Toronto’s PATH Skywalk are enormous and industry leading. We have the greatest presence in the PATH (Toronto) wth our digital signs and backlit signs from Bloor Street all the way to Union Station. Our geographic reach across the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) through our GO Transit network is expansive.

When we talk local, we mean hyper-local, reaching people exactly in the neighbourhood that you target. Our advertising exclusivity across 79 GO Transit stations and bus terminals showcases your message in your own back yard.

So, you can be large or you can be local or you can be both – you choose. Contact us to find out more.

ONE Network

IMA’s ONE Network creates an integrated experience that connects the GO Transit network with IMA’s extensive CITYLITES office tower advertising network, located in the world’s largest underground shopping complex, The PATH. The ONE Network, combines the power of CITYLITES and GO Transit to provide exclusive access to transit riders as they head into Toronto’s downtown financial, shopping and entertainment districts by train and bus, as they go about their day in the PATH and when they return home on the GO. Choose the ONE Network to deliver high message frequency, across multiple touchpoints, building awareness and increasing recall across with a monthly circulation of over 17 million.

Find out more about how the ONE Network can work for you or book a tour.


IMA wants to help your media campaigns to dominate. You can own prime office tower spaces in Toronto and Vancouver to create an immersive, memorable and brand-building ambient experience that re-imagines the floors, walls, columns, stairs and other assets for a spectacular execution. Or, take over a GO Station (or two or three) and leave no doubt that your brand means business. IMA is your perfect partner for a high impact domination experience and has the track record to prove it.

Check out our Indoor Dominations and GO Station Dominations to see what can be achieved.

Production Prowess

If you can imagine it, we can build it. And if we build it, they will come! The IMA production team has executed award-winning campaigns that feature leading edge social media and creative technologies, including virtual shopping stores on wall murals, large 3-D billboard applications and interactive video walls. We have built larger-than-life Avatar trees and a Hobbit House indoors, installed 7,000 square foot of fabric on a ceiling over 4 stories high, placed cut-outs on billboards for added dimension and we are ready for the next big challenge. Let’s see what we can build together.

Check out our Special Executions to see what can be achieved and then let’s chat to create the next big thing together.